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Welcome to HIM Coding!


Welcome current and future HIMmers! Are you trying to make sense out of medical coding mysteries or preparing for coding certification exams? If so, you will discover some helpful resources on these pages.

Those of you who are new to health information coding, exploring the career of a medical coder, returning to coding after an absence, or preparing for the coding certification exams, will find this site useful.

I became a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) and a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) because I loved coding and wanted to be the best coder I can be. Acquiring RHIT and CCS credentials is excellent preparation for hospital coding.

at deskWhen I was studying for my RHIT and CCS certification examinations many years ago, I was always on the lookout for the newest and best exam study guides and other coding materials. I put this site together to help new and prospective medical coders find coding textbooks, coding certification exam review guides, and other coding related resources. I also added some pages about coding career. See the sitemap page for a listing of all pages with content info.

I am also interested in many other areas of health care, especially physician practice and disease registries. In addition to formal training in HIM and coding, I have attended medical assisting, medical billing, and cancer registry programs to expand my knowledge about these settings. Cancer registry is a specialized field under health information management, but oncology coding and abstracting is quite different from medical coding.

I love books! I keep my eye on new HIM books, and I try to keep this site up-to-date. I spend more money on books than shoes. :O) I buy most of my books from Amazon because they have an excellent selection and fast delivery.

Please be aware that if you buy from an Amazon third-party seller and not from Amazon directly, you should read the customer reviews for that seller (not same as book reviews) first. I seldom buy from the third-party sellers, but the ones I've purchased from have delivered the correct books, often just a bit slower.

Have fun browsing!

Registered Health Information Technician
Certified Coding Specialist
California Certified Medical Assistant - Administrative & Clinical


Health Information & Technology Week
November 6-12, 2011


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